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Week 1:  Hydration

Conway’s very own Lori Dather, Registered Dietitian and Ultra Marathoner, explains the importance of hydration and how to hydrate safely and properly.  Click here to view the video!

Week 2:  Getting the Right Fit

Don Starr, Manager of The Sporty Runner in Conway, explains the difference between all the running shoes, as well as how to know when it is time for new shoes or different shoes.  Having the right shoe for your foot is so important!  Click here to watch the video!

Week 3:  Nutrition, How to Fuel Your Run

Lori Dather, RD, LD, aka. the “Running Dietitian” is back talking about proper nutrition before, during and after the race.  She tells us how to get the proper balance between carbs and protein, as well as timing those meals and snacks.  Click here to see the video!

Week 4:  Options for the Athlete

Don Starr, Manager of the Sporty Runner in Conway, is back talking about all the options available to help the runner run more comfortably and efficiently.  From water bottles, to socks and headbands, and the all-important Body Glide, Don has the answers to anything that you might need on a long run!  View the video here!

Week 6: Motivation

Heather Kendrick, RRCA Running Coach and Certified Personal Trainer at Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center, is here to help us stay motivated!  Watch her words of wisdom here!

Week 7: Injury Prevention & Care

Julie Shock, Physical Therapist at Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center shares some great tips on injury prevention.   View the video here.

Week 8: Reflective Gear for Safe Running

Don Starr, Manager of The Sporty Runner in Conway, is back helping us run safe in the dark! With it getting darker earlier at night and many of us squeezing our runs in early morning or after work, this video offers several options to RUN SAFE. Click here to get this great information!

Week 9:  Fueling the Long Run

Lori Daither, RD, LD, is back telling us the best ways to fuel the long run!  Don’t miss this important information so that you can stay strong during the long distances.  Get the information here!

Week 10:  Final Race Day Prep:  Shoes and Fuel!

Don Starr, Manager of the Sporty Runner in Conway, gives some last minute tips for your final weeks of training!  Find out how to know whether or not you need new shoes, and learn about fueling options for your big day! Get it here!